Spring 2018 Menswear Balenciaga


With each collection, Balenciaga becomes more like Vêtements. Not too surprising when they share the same designer, but is it really safe to take a luxury fashion house so far from its deeply historical roots?

In classic Vêtements style, the blazers have become oversized and ill-fitting, the controversial logo’s are scribbled onto tops and jackets, and the models are elderly and/ or suffering from ‘manorexia’.

The last two looks were the only looks that could risk going unnoticed on the highstreet. They were so contrastingly normal in fact – just jeans and a shirt – that it left an air of confusion. Were they trying to distract from the abnormality? Maybe the aim was to help the editor’s leave less stressed? Or it could have quite simply been two men from the crowd who were on their way out.

In regards to the accessories, as well as carrying random little children, bags made a big feature. I’m sure plastic shopping bags in leather are the most practical solution (?) for men. However, I think we will be seeing these more frequently in women’s editorial.

WWD described it as an ‘Ode to Sunday in the park with Dad’ – I certainly feel thankful that my daddy-daughter park days are behind me.

Link to collection: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2018-menswear/balenciaga#collection