Fall 2017 Yeezy


The excitement is inexplicable: Kanye West has finally introduced denim to his collection!

Yeezy Season 5 began with images being projected on to a black screen over the runway. Slowly turning, these projections gave onlookers the opportunity to analyse each look in complete detail. A powerful and initiative idea that could have only been the brainchild of a Yeezy show. When the catwalk eventually started we saw these projected looks in motion.

Oversized shearling jackets and extra long, over the knee boots seemed to be the main focus. Kanye stayed safe using re-worked Yeezy basics – the tracksuit and the over sized camouflage jackets. The looks were also less daring than usual with the models actually being appropriately dressed this time.

The denim came in the form of baggy, yet flattering jeans, western denim jackets and a denim jumpsuit. It appeared to take inspiration from a Balenciaga or Vetements collection, proving that Yeezy is starting to look more like its streetwear competitors. However, here the denim was worn with statement heel boots to give the ‘Kardashian’ effect sexy-cool.

A new trainer, ‘the runner’ was also released. This trainer was worn by Kanye himself in the lead up to the show, and has already become a commercial success in the hype surrounding it.

What I love most about this brand is the team behind it. Kanye himself is talent enough but somehow he’s also managed to recruit fashion’s finest as his aids. My two favourites being Virgil Abloh, creator of Off-White, and Christine Centenera, fashion director of Australian Vogue. Carine Roitfeld was also styling the show.

With the show starting on time and finishing with no bow from Kanye, is this proof that the designer is ready to mature and play the industry game?

This was undoubtedly Yeezy’s best collection yet.

Link to collection: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2017-ready-to-wear/kanye-west-adidas-originals#collection