Fall 2017 The Row

The Row.jpg

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I only write about shows that I like (evident seeing as they inspiring me to write).

The Row has to be one of my favourite brands. Like Victoria Beckham, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have come from a completely un-related industry to succeed in the fashion world. They also brought us something new – architecturally elegant clothes that create a minimalist heaven.

For AW17, The Row brought us clean, pristine lines in long, lean forms. The colours stayed minimal, with the looks grouped together by colour, providing a sleek and earthy final walk. There was one deep red look within the field of blacks, creams and browns but even that managed to look coherent amongst the natural hues.

The more I re-watch the show, the more I fall in love. How can something so minimal be so fricking gorgeous?

The Olsen sisters particularly focused on outerwear in this collection: big wrap coats held neatly together with belts, there was even some coat-layering using a baggy wool coat on top of an oversized blazer – a distinctly French look and usually difficult to achieve.

This season also brought a boot, something I’ve never seen in their collections before being a brand usually in favour of the ‘slip on and go’ pump, slipper or mule. The boot was a white, Dr Marten inspired military boot. But not even these managed to distract from the graceful elegance of the models in their crisp collared shirts and high-waisted belts.

The models wore their hair messy and wind swept, proving that quality clothes need no extra decoration.

Link to collection: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2017-ready-to-wear/row#collection

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